Global Chinese herald in Year of Wood Goat

CNYgreetingChinese, the world over will herald  the Lunar New Year on Feb 19.  The Year of the Wood Goat promises plenty of auspicious ‘chi’ energies in 2015, according to fengshui experts.

The consensus is that on the whole the goat brings cheer for everyone as it is blessed with all the five elements – Water, Earth, Fire, Wind and Metal.

IBHwisdom wishes all celebrants good health, wealth and wisdom.


Black money: 1,195 Indians in new Swiss HSBC list

hsbcNEW DELHI: The BJP-led government, that refused to make public names of black money holders on the leaked list of HSBC Bank’s Swiss branch saying this would violate international treaties, faced a lot of flak from the Opposition Monday after the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released the names of the top 100 tax evaders on it. Continue reading


BJP remains optimistic as Aam Admi Party celebrates

kejriwalbediNEW DELHI: In a few hours from now, Delhi will have its new chief minister. The BJP has rejected the exit polls that predict a clear majority for the Aam Aadmi Party.

If the exit poll predictions hit the bull’s eye, it could possibly be the first turning point of the Narendra Modi wave. So far riding the Modi wave, the saffron graph has only been soaring. Continue reading


Book reveal snippets on megastar Vikram

vikramBy Tulsi Badrinath

CHENNAI: In a city that worships its film stars, literally — temples have been built for MG Ramachandran and Khushboo, fans of Rajinikant and Kamal Haasan routinely perform arati, break coconuts and bathe posters of their latest releases with megalitres of milk in raucous celebration, people have voted artistes from the world of films such as MGR, Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha to power — to become a film star is perhaps the dream of its millions. Continue reading