Bangalore railway station 1st to have WiFi

bangalorerailNEW DELHI: Bangalore City railway station has become the first station in the country to have WiFi facility for providing high speed internet to passengers.

WiFi facility will be available to the passengers on their mobile phones free of charges, initially for a period of 30 minutes. For usage beyond 30 minutes, the user may purchase scratch cards, which will be made available at the WiFi Help Desk. Continue reading


Modi, Obama reach out to Hindus on Diwali

modi-diwaliNEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has found a new way to reach out to the people on the occasion of Diwali. His predecessors have wished people on such occasions through messages in newspapers, but probably no other Prime Minister has sent out a mailer to wish people on a festival.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday sent out a mailer, which had a personalised message.

“May the festival of lights brighten our nation with happiness, good health and prosperity of every citizen…wishing you a very happy & prosperous Diwali,” said the Prime Minister in his mailer. Continue reading


Celebrating the Festival of Lights

deepavaligreetingIBHWisdom.Com wishes all celebrants a prosperous and happy Festival of Lights. May this Deepavali season bring abundance and love into your lives.

May knowledge reign over ignorance; May kindness and sincerity fuel our actions; and May happiness be the essence of our existence.

“Give up all varieties of religiousness, and surrender unto Me; and in return I shall protect you from all sinful actions. There you have nothing to fear.”  – Bhagavad-Gita 18.66   Continue reading


Malala wants Shariff, Modi at Nobel awards

malalaCOMMENT: A girl from picturesque Swat Valley — once visited by the Chinese traveller, Hsuan Tsang, in search of ancient Buddhist scriptures — has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014.

At 15, Malala Yousafzai, who had openly objected to the Taliban’s policy of destroying girls’ schools, was shot in the head at close range by a Taliban terrorist. Continue reading


Intermarriage is not ‘love jihad’ says actor

Saif-Ali-khan-Kareena-Kapoor12413COMMENT: I am the son of a sportsman, I grew up in England, Bhopal, Pataudi, Delhi and Mumbai, and I am more Indian than any Hindu or Muslim I know because I am both.

I wrote this piece not to comment on the masses or the problems of communalism in India and its villages, but because this is an issue that concerns my friends and their families.

It wasn’t peacefully accepted by anyone, initially, when my parents wanted to marry. Continue reading


Modi wants ‘full majority’, adds ‘era of alliances over’

ModipoorGONDIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the people of Maharashtra to give BJP “a full majority” in the October 15 Assembly elections.

Accusing the Congress-NCP regime of “looting” the state, Modi said both will be equally punished.

“The era of alliances has ended. If you want Maharashtra to progress, then give us full majority,” Modi said, addressing an election campaign rally here.

Modi cited examples of adjoining Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh where voters had given the BJP a full majority.

“Maharashtra could be the number one state in the country,” he said.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar chose the Rajya Sabha route for himself but made Praful Patel a scapegoat and fielded him for Lok Sabha polls, Modi said.

“The Maharashtra Assembly polls will decide the fate of Maharashtra,” he said.

Drop in inflation

Modi observed that the inflation rate has come down for the first time in five years and cited reduction in petrol and diesel prices as important work done by his government.

“Both Congress and NCP have destroyed Maharashtra. Both are equally to blame and both will be equally punished,” he said.

“The maximum number of terror acts occur in Maharashtra. After Uttar Pradesh, the maximum communal riots occur in Maharashtra,” he said.

Appealing to the Maoists to shun violence and return to the mainstream, Modi said, “Put down guns from your shoulders and put ploughs on your shoulder. You will get relief.”

“Return to the mainstream. Stop the bloodshed. Be a partner in the country’s progress. Nobody has succeeded through violence,” he said.

“To political pundits, I wish to say, look around you and feel the atmosphere. We are going to get a clear majority (in Maharashtra),” he said.

“Sharad Pawar was agriculture minister, but in Maharashtra, 3,700 farmers committed suicide per year. However, Congress and NCP government did not shed tears for them. Such a cruel government never existed anywhere,” Modi said.

“Here, we had a chief minister (Prithviraj Chavan) who declined to share the stage with me. How can we work together if such governments are there in Maharashtra,” he said.

Modi described LBT as “looto baato tax.” “BJP will free you from LBT after being voted to power in Maharashtra,” he said.

“Congress people ask me to give them an account of work done by our government. First give me an account of your 60 years of work. After that, ask me the account of my 60 days in office. I am accountable to the people,” Modi said.

“Had I been allowed to complete the work of raising the height of the Narmada dam, Maharashtra would have got free electricity worth Rs 400 crore per year,” he said.

“Now, I can assure you that the work will be completed in one or two years,” he said.

“Their (Congress and NCP) only job was to fill their pockets. They are shameless people. If you want Maharashtra to progress, give the BJP full majority,” Modi said. - From the Indian Express