Dalai Lama: Xi can learn much from India

dalailamamodiMUMBAI: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Thursday linked India’s border issues with China to “Tibetan problem” and said a solution can come only through talks and not by force.

The comments came on a day when Chinese President XiJinping held bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi even as Chinese and Indian armies are in a standoff at Chumarvillage, located more than 300 kms Northeast of Leh and bordering Himachal Pradesh, along the Line of Actual Control.

Stressing that Tibetan issue was also India’s problem, Dalai Lama said Xi is “more realistic and open minded” and should learn from India when its comes to harmony between people from various regions.

“Actually Tibetan problem is also India’s problem. Before 1950, you see that the whole northern border was peaceful. No single soldier. So Tibetan problem is India’s problem,” he said.

He further added that “sooner or later”, one has to solve these problems. “Not by force but by understanding and talks. Understanding comes through talks.”

Noting that India and China are the most populated nations, he said difference is that India is the most populated democratic country and very stable.

“You see there is East India, South India, West India, North India, different language, different scripts but very harmonious,” Dalai Lama said.

He said India has more open minded people and an approach which is more realistic. Xi can indeed learn “some experiences” from India on this front, he said.

“I think the difference in Xi Jinping’s thinking is that he is more realistic, more open minded. So he can learn more things from India,” the Tibetan spiritual guru said, adding, Sino-India relations should be based on mutual trust which is very essential.

Dalai Lama also said good Sino-Indian relations based on mutual trust will benefit not just Asia but the whole world.

“Sino-Indian relations (build) on the basis of mutual trust are very important. Not only the whole of Asia, but the entire world can benefit from their (good) relations. Harmony can be brought by trust and not fear.”

“I have faith in the new leadership. He (Xi) is open-minded and his way of working is quite realistic,” the 79-year-old Buddhist monk said while addressing a gathering here to mark the 108th Foundation Day of Indian Merchants’ Chamber and its ladies’ wing.

He said Xi should take lessons from “strong” Indian democratic practices and the “one-ness” in diversity.

“India is a vast country with a huge population. Different parts of the country speak different languages, yet there is a sense of one-ness among Indians. Democracy is practised strongly in the country and there is a free media. The Chinese President should learn these values from Indians,” he said.

On the contentious border issue, he said it should be resolved through understanding and not by use of force.

“Tibet’s problem is also India’s problem. Before 1950, there was not a single soldier on the northern border and it (the border) was peaceful. Sooner or later you have to solve the problem, not by force but by understanding. And understanding comes through talks,” he said.

Reacting to the detention of Tibetans by police following their protest against Xi‘s visit, the Dalai Lama said,” Tibetans are law abiding citizens. But the rest is upto the Government of India.” – From The Press Trust of India

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