Celebrating the Festival of Lights

deepavaligreetingIBHWisdom.Com wishes all celebrants a prosperous and happy Festival of Lights. May this Deepavali season bring abundance and love into your lives.

May knowledge reign over ignorance; May kindness and sincerity fuel our actions; and May happiness be the essence of our existence.

“Give up all varieties of religiousness, and surrender unto Me; and in return I shall protect you from all sinful actions. There you have nothing to fear.”  – Bhagavad-Gita 18.66  

VATICAN: As Hindus worldwide celebrate Deepavali or Diwali, the festival of lights, the Vatican has called on Hindus, Christians, followers ‎of other religions and people of good to foster together a culture of inclusion  for ‎a just and peaceful society.‎

In a message released on Monday,  the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue wished Hindus worldwide for this year’s Diwali on Oct 23.

“In the face of increasing discrimination, violence and ‎exclusion throughout the world, ‘nurturing a ‎culture of inclusion’ can be rightly ‎seen as one of the most genuine aspirations of people everywhere,‎” wrote Council president, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran ‎who signed the message.

Despite the several blessings of globalization, the message said that peoples, particularly the poor and marginalized have been excluded from the ‎benefits of globalization, leading to various manifestations of discontent, discontent, uncertainty and insecurity.

Widespread ‎materialism and consumerism have made people more self-absorbed, ‎power-hungry and indifferent to the rights, needs and ‎sufferings of others, leading to a “‘globalization of indifference’ ‎ and a ‎‎’culture of exclusion’.

The exploitation of children and ‎women, the neglect of the elderly, sick, differently-abled, migrants and ‎refugees, ‎and the persecution of minorities are sure indicators of this culture of exclusion.‎

The Vatican thus urged all to join hands to foster a culture of inclusion for ‎a just and peaceful society.‎ – From AFP

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