Govt lifts ban on NORI certs for older doctors

doctorsNEW DELHI: In a relief to 65 years and above doctors who have gone to study abroad and do not wish to come back to India, the government has decided to issue “No obligation to return to India” (NORI) certificates — a practice which was stopped during the UPA regime two years back.
The government had in 2013 put a restriction for doctors who go abroad and never return back by stopping to issue NORI certificates to them.

However, in relaxation of these guidelines, the Health Ministry recently decided to issue the NORI certificates to applicants who are above the age of 65 years.

Significantly, no NORI certificate has been issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in the years 2012 and 2013 and in the current year up to November, 2014.

Nevertheless, to help retain Indian doctors the other guidelines remain the same.

Any doctor going to US for higher medical studies will have to submit a duly attested surety bond of `5 lakhs before leaving and honour the document by returning to India after finishing the study period.

The students will also have to give two sureties one from a close relative who is a citizen of India and based in India furnishing information about himself/herself and the second surety will be of a gazetted officer posted in India under the central or the state government who should have seven years of service left.

The surety bond of `5 lakh with interest thereon @12 percent per annum from the date of demand will be invoked in case the candidate does not come back within a period of three moths after the completion of training programme.

According to the guidelines to be followed by the students going to the US, the surety bond and the sureties will have to be duly attested from the notary public or the area sub-divisional magistrate. – From The Asian Age

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