Modi warns party MPs to stop hate-speech

MODITHINKNEW DELHI: In a bid to control negative fallout from recent hate speeches, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday warned BJP parliamentarians not to cross the ‘laxman rekha’ while airing their views.
PM Modi reportedly told a meeting of BJP parliamentary party that the utterances of some of the leaders were hurting the governments’ image.

Modi also told MPs to focus on the government’s development agenda and that the work they undertake should be ‘visible’ and not just on paper.

Modi’s tough talk followed an embarrassing time the ruling party had in parliament over  speeches made by MPs Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti and Sakshi Maharaj.

While Niranjan Jyoti had used abusive words against minorities at a campaign rally in Delhi, Sakshi Maharaj had called  Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse a ‘patriot’.

The remarks led to big standoffs in Parliament,  forcing Niranjan Jyoti to apologise and Sakshi Maharaj to withdraw his remarks.

Modi’s latest warning comes two weeks after he urged party MP’s “not to address the nation” out of turn.

The Prime Minister also reportedly ticked off party MPs, including a few senior members, who arrived late for the parliamentary party meeting. – From Hindustan Times

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