Terror attacks: RAW discloses “new twist”

rawindiaNEW DELHI: In what the country’s premiere external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), described as a “bizarre twist of events” it has pointed out to the government that Pakistan-based terror outfits have started a major propaganda in a section of the local media that it is in fact the “Indian intelligence agencies that may carry out subversive activities over the next few days and blame it on Pakistan”.
In a classified report sent to the government, the RAW feels that the terror outfits have already started preparing their defence for carrying out a major terror strike in the country over the next few days.

The intelligence agency, which regularly monitors the foreign media, particularly the vernacular press and social media in Pakistan, came across some stories as to how terror outfits had already started making claims of Indian agencies planning attacks at public places or with high footfalls.

“These terror groups, which have a free run in Pakistan, have been stating that after the attack, India will make a strong pitch to tarnish Pakistan’s reputation at the global forum, specially if the incident takes place close to the visit of US President Barack Obama,” the report states.

This immediately alerted top intelligence officials who are viewing these reports as a clear indication that terror groups operating out of Pakistan may carry out “spectacular attacks” in the country.

Thus, the agency in its report has asked both the NSA’s office and the Home Ministry to take preventive actions by way of sensitising the concerned security agencies.

Security across the country has already been beefed up in wake of recent terror attacks in Sydney and Peshawar but more enhancement is being done in view of the festive time during Christmas and New Year.

Special security arrangements will also be made ahead of Obama’s India visit in January.

“We are taking these stories in Pakistani local media extremely seriously and think that something big is being planned over the next few days.

“There is also a strong possibility that to deflect the attention from its own failure to check the Peshawar incident the Pakistani agencies may use these terror groups to strike in India,” a senior intelligence official said.

However, intelligence agencies are working overtime to ensure that every input is intercepted and analysed carefully and then passed on to the concerned security agencies.

The NSA has already set up a core group of senior officials from top security and intelligence agencies to monitor all security-related issues till the visit of the US President is over. – From the Asian Age

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