’13 children stolen, sold every hour’

childcrecheNEW DELHI: Stating that every hour 13 children are stolen in India and used for child trafficking, Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satyarthi said that the numerous computer scientists in India should make use of technology to create a database of children in the country and put an end to crimes against them. 

He was speaking at an interaction with the media on the sidelines of the 102nd Indian Science Congress.

Citing the example of the 1,300 children he and his organisation rescued in Delhi in 2013, the child rights activist said after rescuing the children from bonded labour, investigations revealed that nearly 800 of them were still enrolled in schools in their native villages, which meant that funds meant for their education were being siphoned off by people responsible for the school education system.

“Had there been a database of the children it would be very easy to track down the whereabouts of the children who were exploited by human traffickers.
“Crime against children needs to be stopped and it will be possible if the NGOs and media pressurise the government to use science and technology to create a proper tracking mechanism for them,” he said.

Referring to the glorious past of the nation, Satyarthi said that while we need to move forward it was necessary for us to learn from the past and adopt its lessons in modern times.

“We need to imbibe the moral values of our past into politics, science, culture, education and the society to ensure that the future vision of a vibrant nation is achieved,” he added.
He also stressed that quality of education was vital and if the government did not pay attention to it, it would lead to degradation of the country’s future.
“Political parties need to invest more in the future generations as well as concentrate more on improving the quality of education.
“It is not only the responsibility of the ruling party, but the Opposition also needs to contribute whole heartedly,” he said.  – From The Asian Age

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