Modi wants world record of India doing Yoga

modiNEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday asked the National Cadet Corps to try and create a world record by doing yoga across the country at the same time on June 21, the “International Day of Yoga”, as declared by United Nations in December 2014.

Addressing NCC cadets here, Modi spoke to them about a number of issues, including yoga.

Recalling that June 21 has been declared as the International Day of Yoga, he said it was matter of pride, especially for those who understand and practice it.

He said that yoga is not limited to borders, age or language.

“It is a special responsibility of India, where yog was born, to introduce the world to right yog,” he said.

Modi said: “I urge all NCC cadets across the country to start planning from now. On June 21, everyone at the same time should do yog across the country.

“It should be in such high numbers that all world records are broken. And if we start now, we will be able to spread a strong message through these cadets and that too an inspiring message.”

He also asked the cadets to take up the cause of cleanliness, saying it was one of the ways to serve the country.

During the NCC rally, Mr Modi referred to an tableau on “Swachchh Bharat” mission.

He said it was neither a programme nor an “event.”

“It is an effort to change the mindset of the people. Until we are able to change the mindset of the 125 crore Indians, the work has to continue,” he said, adding that cleanliness is one of the best ways to serve “Mother India.”

He said the NCC and such camps are the best examples of unity in diversity. Terming such gatherings as a mini India, he said it helps people expand their horizons. – From Press Trust India

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