Delhi polls outcome won’t affect Jammu Kashmir negotiations

jammuNEW DELHI: The outcome of Delhi polls will have no negative impact on the government formation in Jammu and Kashmir as structured dialogue is likely to begin next week.

According to the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDP) sources, BJP’s performance will have no bearing on the alliance between the BJP-PDP.

A section in the PDP had wanted the leadership to take a leaf from the AAP book and go back to the people asking for ‘full mandate.’

“We will go ahead with our alliance as no two places are same,” said a top PDP leader, who did not want to be named.

Although most of the contentious issues like Article 370 are likely to be put on a backburner, the PDP says formal dialogue was delayed as the BJP leadership was busy with elections in Delhi.

“The top BJP leadership was busy with Delhi and we had to give them that room,” he added.

“Structured dialogue will begin immediately after results,” he added.

According to insiders, the government is likely to be in place soon after the results are declared.

The BJP according to sources, however, had decided to go slow on its negotiations with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on government formation in Jammu and Kashmir because it is worried about the impact a tie-up would have on its electoral fortunes in Delhi.

The party felt “compromise” on core issues, like Article 370 and ASFPA, would have given the AAP and the Congress a handle to win.

The National Conference had accused the two parties of plunging Jammu and Kashmir into political uncertainty.

The party leader Devender Rana had alleged that the PDP had become a “willing partner” of the BJP in it, so that the saffron party could “reap harvest” in the upcoming Delhi Assembly polls. – From The Hindustan Times

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