Black money crackdown: Don’t say we are vindictive

modi7NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Friday that no one with black money will be spared. “No one should think we are talking about black money because we are vindictive.”

“Nobody having black money will be spared; We are not going to digress from this path; Don’t say we are vindictive,” he told Lok Sabah.

Whilst congratulating Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for coordinating efforts with Swiss banks, Modi said the Supreme Court had  three year ago ordered the formation of SIT but this was not done.
“Why wasn’t SIT formed three year ago? I think it’s a great achievement that we got the nation talking about black money (now).
“I want you all to guide us and we should together find ways to combat this serious problem (corruption),” he said.
Modi further said that he firmly believed that corruption free services could be developed but that everyone needed to work together to fight corruption.
“The bureaucracy does not get an opportunity to prioritize, we are making efforts so that our Governments are policy driven.

“If we all join hands and decide we will combat corruption together, our nation can be corruption free.

“Corruption has ruined our nation and corruption shouldn’t be talked of in context of politics, that makes in into a “tu tu mai mai” format.
“We are trying to address old problems which we inherited. This (nation) has been built by farmers, rishis, saints, munis, not the government. Its the public that form the nation.

“This nation has progressed and moved ahead with the contribution of all the governments and PMs that have governed the nation.

“We must rise above what should be the name of project and see to it that issue is addressed,” Modi said.

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