Delhi govt seeks legal advise to block Uber cab app

uberNEW DELHI: The Delhi government has sought suggestions from its Law Department on the possible ways and methods for blocking US-based cab service Uber’s app and website in the national capital.

According to the transport department, the move comes following reports that the firm was operating cab services in the city despite a ban imposed on it in December after one of its drivers was accused of raping a female passenger.

“We have got to know that Uber’s cabs are still operating in the national capital. To ensure that its operation are completely stopped, we have now sought suggestions from the Law Department on how can its app and website be blocked in Delhi,” said a senior government official.

In January, the firm had applied for a radio taxi licence to operate through its subsidiary Resource Expert India Pvt Ltd and the application is pending before the department.

“We have also asked the Law Department to give its views on who can disable the company website and app and how its operation can be blocked completely,” the official said.

A spokesperson of Uber, however, said the company is at present operating its cabs based on a policy which is also being followed by DIMTS, a government agency, in running its ‘Pooch-O app’.

“Uber has not been taking any commission from its drivers these days. We are working on the pattern of ‘Pooch-O app’ run by DIMTS which also doesn’t take any commission from auto drivers,” the company’s spokesperson said.

The US-based online taxi-hailing company had on February 25 provided “full” details to Delhi Government. However, the Transport Department is yet take a decision on the company’s application to resume services in the city.

The government had issued a ‘deficiency memo’ on January 24 asking it to furnish all details before it as mentioned in recently introduced ‘Modified Radio Taxi Scheme (2006)’.

Rules set by Delhi’s Transport Department in December require taxi companies to install emergency buttons in their cabs and have tracking devices.  – From Hindustan Times

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