Indian army to scale Everest to spring clean

everestKATHMANDU: The world’s highest garbage dump close to Mount Everest will get a cleaning this spring – thanks to the Indian Army.

A team of 30 climbers is planning to bring down nearly 4,000 kg of non-biodegradable mountaineering waste left near the world’s tallest peak by thousands of climbers over the years.

“It will be an important message to everyone that we cannot litter our natural habitat,” said India’s ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae in Kathmandu on Friday.

The team, which has 5 officers, 3 junior commissioned officers and 22 from other ranks, will depart from Kathmandu for the Everest region on Saturday.

The expedition, to commemorate 50 years of the triumph over the Everest by Major AS Cheema, the first Indian to achieve the feat, will also undertake other challenges to mark the landmark event.

Fourteen members of the team will attempt to scale the Everest in 2 batches of 7 climbers each and 7 other members will climb the nearby Mount Lhotse, the fourth highest peak in the world.

“We have selected the best climbers in the army. They have undergone months of pre-conditioning and training in India and are ready,” said Major RS Jamwal, a two-time Everest climber, who will lead the expedition.

Jamwal and another team member Hajari Lal will attempt to scale Mt Lhotse after climbing the Everest.

Five members from the team will take part in the Everest Marathon next month. – From Hindustan Times

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