Rumours of epidemic not true, says Nepal Health Department

earthquakenepal2KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Director of Epidemology and Disease Control Division Dr Baburam Marasini has urged people not to fall for rumours of looming epidemic after the Great Earthquake last Saturday.

He assured that none of the affected areas have the potential to spread an epidemic .

In an interview with, Marasini explained that plague and cholera, two of the diseases that could spread as an epidemic have been under control for years.

Germs that spread plague have not been documented in Nepal for about 50 years while a cholera-outbreak in Kathmandu was last reported 32 years ago.

Marasini also refuted claims that the dead bodies which have begun decaying after not being extracted from under the rubble even a week later could induce an epidemic .

“Dead bodies of healthy people do not pose major risks,” he told

Nonetheless, five measures have been prescribed to stay on the safe side:

1. Only drink boiled or chlorinated water.

2. Wash hands before eating or eat with a spoon.

3. Only eat warm food.

4. Use toilets.

5. Do not spit around.

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