Rebuilding Nepal: New draft constitution ready, donors commit

nepalKATHMANDU: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) on Thursday was a success.

Koirala made such remarks talking to people who reached his official residence in Baluwatar on Friday to hand over donations to the PM Disaster Relief Fund.

The Prime Minister said the conference was held amidst certain qualms regarding the level of participation turned out to be very successful.

Stating that the conference saw participation at the highest level from various countries and donor agencies, he said the participants assisted in making the country’s development endeavours meaningful promising to extend whatever support they could.

Koirala also said the pledge for assistance made in the conference was good and that the reconstruction work will start right after the rainy season.

He said houses should be made quake-resistant and that new settlements should be set up at safe locations with access to road, drainage, water, electricity, telephone and other facilities.

“We have faced a formidable challenge; now, the construction of a new, developed and prosperous Nepal will begin,” he said.

Koirala also said the constitution writing has entered a new phase and the new statute will be promulgated soon. “Now there will be peace, stability and development,” he added.

Drafting new constitutiion

A preliminary draft of the new constitution has been prepared.

A meeting of the preliminary integrated drafting taskforce formed under the Constitution Drafting Committee held at Singha Durbar on Friday ended with giving a final shape to the draft.

The taskforce was constituted by the Committee few days back to prepare the draft.

The taskforce consulted the experts about the use of constitutional and legal terms in the draft.

The draft will be presented at the Committee meeting expected to take place today itself, according to Committee Secretary Rabi Sharma Aryal.

Former Chief Secretary Tirthaman Shakya, former Secretaries Bhesraj Sharma and Madhav Poudel and Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Law, Justice, Constitution Assembly and Federal Affairs Tek Prasad Dhungana assisted the taskforce to prepare the report. – From

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