ibhindia2IBHwisdom.com aims to publish upbeat stories from and about India

The blog embraces the age old wisdom of looking-within, that has been India and its global diaspora’s primary inheritence.

IndiaBharatHindustan (IBH) is ‘abundance’ in every sense of the word. It once stretched throughout the Indian Ocean upto the magnificent Himalayas.

Hence reports from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and Male.

IBH has accepted science and is re-engaging philosophy. It is invoking wisdom and rewriting its follies.

This ancient land which has survived the ages and ravages of time and evolution is now on the threshold of a new global era, one in which it will dominate and lead.

IBHwisdom.com will engage and offer better, happier and wiser reflections of the region, its people, policies, culture and wisdom.

We hope you enjoy these quick reads.

Do drop us your positive thoughts and comments at ibhwisdoms@gmail.com.



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