Sri Lanka constitution should ‘integrate’ not ‘assimilate’

srilankaBy M.A.M.H. Barry

COMMENT: The Constitution of any State is the organic and the supreme law of that State. It explicates, regulates and articulates relationship and cohesiveness between the State and its people, people and people, State and institutions, institutions and people and also it directs and governs the State’s relationship with the rest of the world.  Continue reading

Jaffna comes to a standstill over political prisoners

jailBy Manekshaw

JAFFNA: The entire Jaffna Peninsula was crippled on Nov 12 due to the boycott in support of demanding the release of all Tamil political prisoners. Tamil political parties irrespective of their differences and various civil society organizations participated in the boycott (hartal) which resulted in the closure of business establishments and schools in the North. Continue reading